Kosovo Arbitration Law No. 02/L-75

Arbitration in Kosovo is governed by the Law on Arbitration (Law N. 02/l-75) (the “Law on Arbitration”) which was adopted on January 26, 2007. The law sets forth the rules for arbitration agreements, arbitration proceedings, and the recognition of arbitral awards made inside and outside Kosovo. The Law is based on modern business practices and meets the international standards. It provides for efficiency of the proceedings and emphasizes the party’s autonomy and confidentiality of arbitration as important principles of arbitration.

Remark: Law is approved by Assembly, date 26. 01. 2007, and promulgated by UNMIK Regulation no. 2008/30 of date 05.06.2008.


Law on consumer protection

The provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection provide that in case of dispute between the consumer and the trader, the Office of Consumer Protection may submit a proposal for mediation at the Tribunal of Arbitration. The Law on Consumer Protection recognizes expressly the Permanent Tribunal of Arbitration as forum for resolving disputes between consumers and traders.

Remark: Law is approved by Assembly, date 19.10.2012, and promulgated by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kosovo No.DL-049-2012, Date 07.11.2012