Summary of Arbitration Case No. 07-2014

The legal relationships between the Claimant “Company A” and Respondent “Company B” started as result of the bidding procedure initiated by the Steering Council of social project for building 52 houses for non-Serbian minorities in one of the Kosovo municipalities. The Project was co-financed by the Respondent and other donors. After the bidding process, the offer of Claimant was considered as most economically advantageous bidder and Claimant was selected as most successful Offeror and it has been awarded with contract. Upon conclusion of bidding procedure, the Claimant and Respondent signed the Contract on Construction Services...


Summary of Arbitration Case No. 06-2013

On 19 May 2006, the claimant “Company A” signed a contract with “Company B”, throughwhich has undertaken to conduct construction works as specified in the documentation of tenderfrom tendering process dated from 2005.

The contract has been based on the model of 1992 of Federatin Internationale des Ingenieurs Conseils rules of (FIDIC). The arbitration clause has been based on chapter 67 of the“Settlements and Disputes”. The clause of this contract has been incorporated in references of the contract no. PEAP/CW/19-05, which derives as result of a tendering process dated from 2005...


Summary of Arbitration Case No. 04-2013

The respondent is independent foundation that has received grants from an internationalorganization for project called “Social Inclusion and Local Development”. The aboveinternational organization invited young and existing entrepreneurs to develop their businessesby applying for grants for developing businesses. The aim of grants was to finance machines,working equipment and any specialized training for developing business and jobs creation...


Summary of Arbitration Case No. ARB 01-2011

On 22 April 2009, the claimant “Company A”, in capacity of the seller and the respondent “Company B”,in capacity of the buyer, have concluded a sale-purchase agreement. Based on this agreement, the seller was obliged to deliver to buyer central heating devices of type TEK/10 KW and TEK/ 20 KW, while the buyer was obliged to pay 260.00 EUR per each sold central heating device...