First Presidency meeting

The Permanent Tribunal of Arbitration has held its first Presidency meeting. As required by the Charter, the quorum was achieved by the presence of the President of PTA, Mr. Ahmet Kasumi; the Secretary General of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Berat Rukiqi; and the Vice-President of PTA, Mr. Virtyt Ibrahimaga. Also, Mrs. Marilyn Zelin from USAID/ SEAD Program was present as a non-voting member.

The Secretary of PTA, Mrs. Anjeze Gojani presented the institutions’ recent developments and the progress achieved other the past ten months since its establishment, while internal matters were put for discussion by Mr. Kasumi. The progress was well received, and the points for discussion were agreed on unanimously.

This is the first of the two annual meetings of the Presidency.