The President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov met with the Secretary General of the Arbitration Court at Kosovo Chamber of Commerce Ms. Anjeze Gojani. The institution was established only just last year and learns from the experience of the Arbitration Court at BCCI. In May last year, the President of the Arbitration Court at BCCI Mr. Silvi Chernev helped draw up the institutional documents for the Arbitration Court in Kosovo. Mr. Simeonov outlined some of the advantages of arbitral resolution of commercial disputes, such as quickness of solution, stability, less expenses for the parties, and impartial decision which enters into force immediately. 

During the meeting positive practices in the use of mediation and arbitration were exchanged. BCCI President proposed an electronic system to be applied to guarantee the more efficient work of the Court. 

Ms. Gojani will spend a week at BCCI to get acquainted to the activity of the Arbitration Court as a part of the programme of the partnership project CEFTA-DIHK "Implementation of CEFTA for internationalization of SEE Economy".