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Arbitration Journal - Call for Papers

Lumnije Hashani
April 2015 — 4053 views

PTA list of arbitrators has been extended with new arbitrators

Lumnije Hashani
March 2013 — 4316 views

Why should we say yes arbitration in Kosovo?

Lumnije Hashani
March 2013 — 3981 views

PTA has further equipped its library

Lumnije Hashani
March 2013 — 2892 views

PTA has signed a Cooperation Agreement

Lumnije Hashani
November 2012 — 2781 views

First Presidency meeting

Lumnije Hashani
May 2012 — 2858 views

Network Agreement on Regional Cooperation in arbitration matters

Lumnije Hashani
April 2012 — 2878 views

Arbitration Court at BCCI shares positive practices with the Arbitration Court in Kosovo

Lumnije Hashani
January 2012 — 2969 views

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